Police Explorer Hall of Fame

hofThese young men and women have excelled all the way from police explorer to one of San Antonio’s Finest. They have accepted the full challenge to become a San Antonio Police Officer. With determination and training, you to can go from police explorer to police officer. Are you ready for the challenge?

Explorer Name                                           Years                                   Department

Andrew Tran                                       2009-2013 (Post 761)             SAPD

Samuel Gallegos                               2009-2012 (Post 761)             SAPD

Jordan Ramirez                                 2011-2012 (Post 761)             SAPD

August Primera                                 2011-2012 (Post 1416)          SAPD

Natalie DeLuna                                 2012-2012 (Post 399)             SAPD

Zeke Holguin                                      2009-2012 (Post 1416)          SAPD

Eloy Medina                                        2006-2010 (Post 830)             SAPD

Crystal Estrada                                 2007-2010 (Post 830)             SAPD

Erica Ceja                                             2006-2010 (Post 761)              SAPD

Justin Sanchez                                  2008-2011 (Post 761)              SAPD

Julian Hillman                                   2009-2010 (Post 2459)           SAPD

Joel Alvarez                                        2010-2011 (Post 2459)           BCSO

Lisa Miller                                            2012-2013 (Post 2459)           SAPD

Steve Casanova                               2012-2013 (Post 2459)           SAPD

Sarah Rahman                                   2006-2012 (Post 761)             SAPD

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